Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Clothing company with Crazy Attitude

Triumph United has been around for some time sponsoring fighters such as Kimbo Slice (Before he got knocked out), Ryo Chonan (Who beat Anderson Silva), Gina "Conviction" Carrano and Cheik Kongo. But most people do not know much about the company owned by Hans and Ryan. These guys are nuts the paid 3000 dollars for a show booth at ASR in 2008 and did not even show up they threw a bunch of flyer's down where their booth was supposed to be and rolled out. Or that Ryan would go to MMA shows and judge Ring girls wearing a taco or banana suit.

Triumph United Visual Propaganda Agency is the future in clothing street wear sponsoring all extreme sports and also the attitude the profess a non chalant amount of cockiness that you can not find in most other companies.